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quote Form

    Product inquiry

    If you just want product inquiry, please specify what product you want and the size:

    Contact information

    General company/organization information

    How many years has this company/organization been in business?

    Company website

    How did you hear about our company?

    Web Design

    Where do you currently stand?

    This custom web design is for

    Which stage of web design are you currently at?

    Research – defining requirementsSeeking help – need help defining requirements.Seeking service – already have requirements, looking for a web designerSeeking service – already have a web designer, looking at other optionsOther

    How soon do you plan to purchase web design?

    Within the next month.Within the next 3-6 months.Within the next 6-12 months.Not yet decided or just simply exploring the idea.Other

    What is your current web design budget?

    Do you already have a domain name for this website?

    If you have a domain name for this website, enter it below

    What things do you have ready?

    LogosContentProduct picturesBannersNothingOthers

    If you choose nothing, do you want us to create it all?

    YesNot all. Specify

    Do you know what kind of website platform you want?


    Other Please specify

    Do you need printing services?

    Company identity

    At Pinchi Derek we count with highly professional designers that can easily create your new branding or refresh an existing one. We can also turn your identity into your web site or print materials.

    Traditional illustration

    If something quick at your hand is what you want, then we have it for you. Our pro illustrators can provide pencil and ink pieces of art. This is ideal for early stages.

    Vector graphics

    Vectors are digital images that can change its size without losing quality; these are perfect for logo recreation, etc.

    Print Design

    Any design of your need on photoshop. Also, we can make everything you need printable

    Website models

    What kind of website do you want?

    InformationBlogOnline servicesEcommerceOther

    If you want an ecommerce website, how many products do you have?


    How many pages do you want on the website?


    Do you currently have web hosting?

    Please add some examples and explain the website color combination, “look and feel”, layout and features you desire.

    Do you need marketing services?

    Do you want monthly website maintenance?

    Graphic Design

    What industry are you in?

    Project type

    Logo CreationTraditional IllustrationPhoto editingGeneral Design EditsVector DesignWeb Advertisement DesignMarketing MaterialBrandingGarment DesignOther. Please, specify

    What kind of file do you want?

    Please select all that apply

    .pptWord doc.jpgPDF.eps.gif.jpngPSDOther


    Please list inches, feet, pixels, or paper size

    Color scheme

    PSI BrandingOther (if you’re not using PSI colors, please describe the color schemes you need. If possible, please provide color swatches, CMYK or RGB color codes)

    Web marketing

    What type of business do you run?


    What benefits will your audience have from using your website?

    What is the goal of your website?

    What are your target market niches?

    Some companies target not only buyers but also specific persons such as providers, importers, suppliers, managers, etc.

    Who are your closest competitors? And their web addresses

    What keywords people may type for finding your website on Search Engines?

    Please, provide a brief description of your business

    Social Media Marketing information

    Do you have any social media accounts? (specify)

    Google+ :
    Others. Please specify:

    Which accounts do you use the most?

    What are your desired marketing goals?

    Who are your target market or ideal clients?

    Describe the specific type of person/needs your product/service is designed to satisfy.

    What is your target’s geography?

    What are your top 5 social media competitors?

    Top 10 keywords for your social networks and business

    What are the 5 most common questions/issues your audience commonly asks you (FAQ)?

    Fears, doubts, complains, curiosities or anything the audience often asks about your product/service

    Services status/requirements

    Is this for global or local marketing?


    Have you worked with PayPerClick ads?


    What marketing services do you need?

    Pay Per Click AdsSEMSocial Media MarketingSEOReputation MarketingBrandingGraphic DesignWeb development/maintenance

    Do you need creative writing?


    Have you worked with other marketing companies? If yes, what you liked and what you didn’t like?


    What are the three main causes that have taken you to purchase our Marketing Services or have stopped you from achieving your marketing goals before?

    What are your expectations from us for the next 6 months?


    Fifty percent (50%) of the estimated contract cost of: Project Grand Total Cost, is due and demandable at the time of booking, to be deducted from the Total Final Payment, unless other prior arrangements have been made.

    Final Payment

    Final Payment will be due and demandable five (5) days prior to the event date. Payment terms are available upon request.

    Welcome To My Website Welcome

    "Thank you for visiting my website"

    - Pinchi Derek
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    We have done work for prominent, international companies. Would you like to work with us?

    We have done work for prominent, international companies. Would you like to work with us?

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